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"Unison….A process in which all elements behave in the same way at the same time; simultaneous or synchronous parallel action: in unison"

Added Value

Our customers' needs are not confined to the work environment alone, but focus on the processes that support their spatial design, specification, delivery, installation and ongoing facility management services.

Space Planning/Design

Our space planners consider a business' traffic flow, meeting spaces, equipment location, the flow of power and data, the quality and movement of conversation and light. We consider aesthetic choices, corporate culture, and community and individual needs in the development of space planning. This data is used to customise the perfect office-furnishing solution tailored to the needs of an individual business in order to create a more strategic workplace solution.

Workplace Strategy

An effectively designed workplace attracts and helps businesses to hold on to their best employees by keeping them happy, interested, healthy and productive. Our workplace planners gather design criteria, information, and ideas about a business and its future, their needs and budget, and the individual qualities of their workplace.

We show businesses how to use this information to encourage collaboration and innovation, support team interaction, build pride of place, and generally make employees feel more connected to the company's primary business.

Post Installation

At Unison our goal is to create a seamless experience during move in. We recognise the importance of securing the employees confidence, and acceptance starts the moment they walk in the door of their new workplace. Unison will deliver a "Welcome to the Workplace" package which will include details of the product provided, ergonomic and work process considerations as guidance to their workstations.

Chair Training

We provide an adjustment manual with every chair and offer an individual chair training session post installation.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance manuals are provided for all our products as well as installation manuals so in-house maintenance teams can be also trained to support the products if required.

Lead time

Lead time for supply is 8-10 weeks for Herman Miller, Markant, Heller and some Walter Knoll products manufactured in Australia. Other products out of Europe are generally 12-14 weeks.

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