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    molo - softwallmolo - softwallmolo - softwallmolo - softwall
    molo - softwallmolo - softwallmolo - softwallmolo - softwall
    % recyclable

    Product Description:

    softwall is a modular system. This means that walls and blocks of various heights, colours and materials all connect to each another, simply and seamlessly, with concealed magnets. It is possible to create continuous lengths of wall, stretching as far as your imagination... or stack blocks vertically like stretchy lego.

    Opening softwall is a playful, engaging experience as the tactile honeycomb material expands to create a completely freestanding structure that is hundreds of times larger than its compressed form. The efficiency of the structure allows for an incredible economy of material. The flexibility of the structure is pragmatic for compact portability and reshaping environments for living and working.

    You can choose to open any softwall element to the maximum 4.5 meter length, or you can open it a shorter length to suit a particular occasion. For storage, every softwall compresses to less than 50mm in thickness and a stainless steel wall hook is provided to hang the softwalls.

    softwall modular system includes a variety of standard and custom heights up to 3 meters tall.

    A stiff robust unbleached paper, the warm natural kraft is 100% recyclable and made from 50% recycled fibre. softwall modular system consists of building blocks and freestanding partition walls in a variety of sizes, two materials and three colours.

    All elements in the softwall modular system connect together with concealed magnets in an almost seamless way with the vertical joints blending with the rhythm of the vertically pleated structures.

    Recognized for its elegant innovation, softwall + softblock is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

    kraft paper softwall is fire retardant. Fire rating documentation is available upon request.

    Brand: molo

    Founders & Designers of molo products: Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen

    softwall + softblock modular system 6 foot kraft

    softwall + softblock modular system 6 foot white textile

    softwall + softblock modular system with LED lighting

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