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POSH by Herman Miller - Activity

  • POSH by Herman Miller - Activity
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    POSH by Herman Miller - ActivityPOSH by Herman Miller - ActivityPOSH by Herman Miller - ActivityPOSH by Herman Miller - Activity
    POSH by Herman Miller - ActivityPOSH by Herman Miller - ActivityPOSH by Herman Miller - ActivityPOSH by Herman Miller - Activity
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    Product Description:

    Happiness might come from the satisfaction you feel when you’re productive at work, getting the job done – and the way you want it done.

    Capture the moment

    What really makes life special are those little moments of happiness. They could come from something as simple as the smell of your morning coffee, or that delicious, steaming bowl of noodles you’re having for lunch. That moment might stem from that eureka effect you get in a brainstorming session, or the moment of satisfaction you experience when you complete a challenging project. Whatever it is that brings about that moment of happiness, it’s best savoured when you’re present in the here and now. That’s why we designed Activity: so you can focus on the precious moments that make each day special.

    Engineered for instant comfort

    Workspaces are changing to support new modes of work. New ways of working are leading us to agile environments that promote collaboration, creativity and productivity. Flexibility helps build self-empowerment – especially when it comes to where you work. You sit where you need to, so that you can do the work you need to on that particular day.Activity is an original design by POSH Design Lab (PDL), featuring a weight-sensitive mechanism that responds to your body automatically and delivers comfort in an instant.

    Synchronised tilt

    It’s always about choice with Activity: you can choose from a travel limiter that allows you to limit the recline angle within 20 degrees, or choose a four-position lock that stops the backrest at four different angles. The tension is adjusted automatically, making it easier to use. Move backwards or forwards and adjust the preferred angle with just one lever.

    Let's get ACTIVE

    The human body isn’t static – it’s almost always in motion, even when we’re sitting down. Activity was designed to encourage movement, and that’s why the design team developed Activeback™, a lightweight backrest with enhanced back support. Made from MPA\ (Modified Polymite), Activeback varies in thickness from top to bottom and from the centre to the outer edges, providing flexibility and support where your body needs it most. Its tapered edges provide a visual contour, giving Activity its sleek, clean-lined look.

    Head's up

    No two working cultures are the same. A lot depends on the organisation and the local culture differences. Activity knows this; that’s why it’s available with an array of customisable options, all designed to meet the needs of a multitude of working environments. Our bodies are driven by circadian clocks, 24-hour cycles that lead to peaks in performance at certain times of day, as well as dips in activity. Our strongest drive to sleep comes between 2 and 4 am, and 1 and 3pm. By allowing short naps in the afternoon, those organisations that cater to sleep cycles are bearing this in mind, aiming to promote increased productivity

    Dress it up

    It’s simple, really. With its distinct, pared-back design language and clear side profile that mirrors the curves of the human spine, Activity is about minimal fuss. Dress up Activity chair just the way you like it, add a headrest or snap padding on the back for extra comfort and a tactile vibe.

    Brand: POSH by Herman Miller


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