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Herman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply Carts

  • Herman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply Carts
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    Herman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply CartsHerman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply CartsHerman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply CartsHerman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply Carts
    Herman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply CartsHerman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply CartsHerman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply CartsHerman Miller Healthcare - Procedure Supply Carts
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    Product Description:

    Unison healthcare Auckland clinical furniture 01The healthcare environment is demanding and constantly changing. These tough, durable carts are designed to meet the demands you have today and make change easy as your needs change. A modular cart system means universal sizes and easily interchangeable drawers and accessories.

    Our flexible and adaptable solution expands your storage and transport capabilities, saves you time and money, and improves efficiency and productivity.

    Unison healthcare Auckland clinical furniture-mobile carts 02Build the Cart You Need

    Procedure/supply cart, utility cart, med/surg supply cart, linen storage cart – a variety of cart bodies and a wide selection of modular, lightweight, interchangeable interior components and accessories make it easy to create the cart you need.

    When your needs change, just exchange the components to create new functionality.

    Universally spaced slots within the cart bodies accept the same drawers, shelves, and accessories across the entire offering. Components even extend to use with Herman Miller for Healthcare's broader offering of clinical furnishings.

    Standard cart sizes are 508mm and 610mm wide (and double wide) and 915mm, 1067mm, and 1829mm high, giving you options for targeted functions or high-capacity storage. Need a different height or configuration? We make carts to meet customers' special requests.

    Strong, Workhorse Performance

    Your cart is ready for a workout. Our test lab technicians put carts through rigorous tests, simulating the conditions of a fast-paced hospital environment, making sure they'll stand up to your real-world use.

    We try tipping them, pushing them into walls at high speeds, loading them to capacity and then making sure drawers won't fall out, testing surface strength, locks, casters – and a lot more.

    Designed for heavy use, our carts are made of highly durable, impact-resistant plastic with colour integrated, so there is no colour chipping, fading, denting, or rusting, even if surfaces are scratched. The carts' steel frame is covered with the same material.

    Drawers extend fully without wobbling or falling, increasing the efficiency of stocking and restocking. Tops are sturdy, built as part of the cart – not a slip-on addition.

    Carts come with a 12-year, 3-shift warranty that far exceeds the industry standard.

    Keep Contents Secure

    Several lock options maintain the security of cart contents. Carts can be ordered with lockable doors and keyed or keyless entry. Lockers come with solid or clear tambour doors to maximise the efficiency of interior storage space and keep supplies fully secure. Drawers can be locked to add another level of security. Our high-security locks are issued with key sets that can't be copied.

    Easy to Use

    Procedure/supply carts are easy to maneuver and push, even when fully loaded. No more navigating poorly aligned and heavy carts down crowded hallways or into and out of elevators.

    Operation is self-evident, and it's easy for staff to add, remove, and change out drawers, shelves, racks, baskets, bins, and other components without tools.

    Infection Control and Cleanability

    Procedure/supply carts are designed to help control infection control. All interior components and accessories can be removed from the cart body, making every surface – inside and out – accessible for cleaning.

    Drawers can be cleaned in a washer. Surfaces can be cleaned without danger of rusting or surface damage. The smooth, rounded edges of the carts and components are easier to clean than sharp angles. And because carts and components are plastic, there is no chance of paint contamination.

    Enclosed cart bodies and drawers protect supplies from contamination by dust or debris, avoiding the risk of exposure that is common in stamped and perforated metal cases. Nothing is unnecessarily exposed.

    Ergonomic Advantage

    Ergonomic design, rounded corners, and a surface material that is softer than metal add up to a user-friendly design. Thoughtful design details include edges and pulls that are smooth and sturdy.

    The carts' lighter weight and sturdy casters ease mobility and movement over door and elevator thresholds and when quick response is essential.


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