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Muuto - 70/70

  • Muuto - 70/70
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    Muuto - 70/70Muuto - 70/70Muuto - 70/70Muuto - 70/70
    Muuto - 70/70Muuto - 70/70Muuto - 70/70Muuto - 70/70
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    muuto-logoProduct Description:

    The 70/70 table's design is minimalistic, with a light expression that creates a striking profile. A closer look at the table reveals careful detailing that adds greatly to its special character. The almost reduced design is balanced with fine details in the plywood layered table top and form of the angular frame.

    70/70 comes in two different sizes and is ideal for use in the home, office or other public setting.


    “The 70/70 table is a study in geometric forms identifying the dimensions for a well-balanced table. It has an almost anonymous expression but with careful detailing. The table is based upon two cast aluminium squared frames with the dimensions 70 x 70 centimetres. The simple Scandinavian aesthetics balanced with the warmth from the layered wood adds personality to the table.”


    Brand: Muuto

    Designer: TAF Architects


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