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Muuto - Base

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    Muuto - BaseMuuto - BaseMuuto - BaseMuuto - Base
    Muuto - BaseMuuto - BaseMuuto - BaseMuuto - Base
    % recyclable

    muuto-logoProduct Description:

    BASE casts the iconic shape of a table, as straight forward as a child’s drawing.

    The table's light Scandinavian simplicity makes it the perfect base to build an interior design concept around, with a versatile extruded aluminium frame that makes it suitable for both professional and private environments.

    The BASE table has been designed with the maximum level of attention to detail and quality and is produced to withstand continual robust use.


    “I wanted the table to have its own character but not be imposing. The design aim was to reduce the table to its archetypal form. The functional simplicity of BASE is supported by behind-the-scenes technology to create a slim, lightweight and strong table. At the same time, BASE is friendly and welcoming in the way it looks. The result is a versatile metal frame table that can be used as a conference table or just as easily as a simple dining room table.”

    Brand: Muuto

    Designer: MIKA TOLVANEN

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