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Muuto - Compile

  • Muuto - Compile
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    Muuto - CompileMuuto - CompileMuuto - CompileMuuto - Compile
    Muuto - CompileMuuto - CompileMuuto - CompileMuuto - Compile
    % recyclable

    muuto-logoProduct Description:

    A contemporary take on the classic shelving system.

    Complile consists of a shelf and three heights of dividing tubes.

    Arrange the shelves and tubes as you please or order from the prearranged configurations.  

    Cecilie Manz:

    “Storage is important because it is so universal: everybody needs good solutions. The inspiration for the assignment was indeed the everyday storage situation.
    The design, with its logical construction, parallels to a certain degree an unpretentious Scandinavian lifestyle - one shelf represents one building unit while the length of the tube defines the shelf height.
    In this simple way one can assemble practical formations that fit individual needs - COMPILE should reflect and accommodate to the life it is a part of.”

    Brand: Muuto

    Designers: CECILE MANZ


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