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Muuto - Split

  • Muuto - Split
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    Muuto - SplitMuuto - SplitMuuto - SplitMuuto - Split
    Muuto - SplitMuuto - SplitMuuto - SplitMuuto - Split
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    muuto-logoProduct Description:

    The SPLIT table derives its name from its unique feature of split and bent legs.

    An excellent example of Scandinavian design tradition, SPLIT combines a seemingly solid structure with a light and delicately balanced base. Ideal both for private and professional use. 


    “I wanted the table to have an organic expression and to combine a structural solidity with a seemingly more delicate balancing act.

    The detail of the legs being split and bent has the expression and quality of a skilled cabinet-maker and is likely to become a hallmark of the Split Table.”

    Brand: Muuto

    Designer: Staffan Holm

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