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Methis - Clover Desking

  • Methis - Clover Desking
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    Methis - Clover DeskingMethis - Clover Desking
    % recyclable

    Product Description:

    Clover is a not a panel system, or just a desk based system. The desk concept centers on its structural strength and simplicity. It is a post and bracket system.

    Clover's strength is due to the rolled formed clover shaped steel post and the cast alloy support bracket. The strong durable rolled steel fabrication of the clover post will ensure that it will never become redundant, always reusable.

    Clover can quickly flex to the future requirements of staff. Clover can solve the needs of many types of organisations with its ability to provide a full range of configurations. Single desks can be expanded into side to side or back to back applications by adding legs. All legs and brackets are universal and so can be used to build any configuration.

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    Brand: Methis

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