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Herman Miller - Arras Spine

  • Herman Miller - Arras Spine
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    Herman Miller - Arras SpineHerman Miller - Arras SpineHerman Miller - Arras SpineHerman Miller - Arras Spine
    Herman Miller - Arras SpineHerman Miller - Arras SpineHerman Miller - Arras SpineHerman Miller - Arras Spine
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    Product Description:

    Bringing People Together the Herman Miller - Arras Spine is the backbone of collaborative workspace design. Freestanding and autonomous, the Arras Spine supports multiple platforms, allowing the user to create any combination of open plan, public or private workspaces around it.

    Desks, tables and tools simply slide alongside. The communal channel then services these workspaces with all the essentials, and makes them easy to access and use power, technology, tools and accessories.

    When needs change, components can be reconfigured quickly and easily. The embodiment of flexibility and functionality, Arras Spine empowers the user with complete control over their domain. Spinal Structure Engineered to exacting standards, the 400mm wide unit is counter weighted to offer the assurance of robust stability.

    Available in two heights 550mm and 720mm Arras Spine is readily aligned to any combination of desks and accessories, enabling the user to configure the workspace for varying activities.

    arras-spineDesign Story:

    Research informed the design of Arras Spine. In exploring the way people work and the impact of new technologies, we found collaboration – now more than ever – is vital. Individuals working together, to create, share and use knowledge, form the basis of organisational success.

    Collaboration is dependent on three key factors: Proximity to other co-workers is paramount. Confronted by the virtual world, workers increasingly view the office as a place to meet and interact; Secondly we need proximity to our tools, so we can express our ideas quickly and easily while we’re in the flow of discussion; Thirdly we need the capability to share our virtual world with others, plugging into displays, and networking with colleagues, unhindered by geography.

    Arras Spine meets the future head on. In exploring a new reality – of the virtual, the cloud, tablets and smart phones, reduced real estate and increased mobility – Arras Spine provides real world solutions. It responds with a renewed enthusiasm for collaboration; for socially charged workspaces where people come to exchange ideas, co-create and reconnect.

    Brand: Herman Miller

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