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Herman Miller - Imagine

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    Herman Miller - ImagineHerman Miller - ImagineHerman Miller - ImagineHerman Miller - Imagine
    Herman Miller - ImagineHerman Miller - ImagineHerman Miller - ImagineHerman Miller - Imagine
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    Product Description:

    “Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein
    Everything starts with an idea, and a well-designed workspace can provide the perfect spur to creativity and innovation. This was the insight that inspired us to create Imagine Desking – an industry-leading platform, available in a range of options.

    The New Wave

    Generation Y workers have established themselves as abstract, conceptual and forward thinkers in the workplace. They’ve transformed work culture with their casual, communicative and open-minded characteristics. Unlike their baby boomer and Gen X predecessors, they are individually focused - caring less about leading and persuasion in the traditional sense. They are incredibly ambitious and tech savvy, driven by quick, assured results along their envisioned career paths. Autonomy, security and fast promotion are some of their key motivators and they consider inspiring workspaces as places where they can pursue their dreams, in their own unique way.

    High Performing All Rounder

    A living office supports its users activities, for both group and individual work. Its spatial design can help promote an inclusive workplace culture, harmoniously bringing together multi-generational and multi- cultural occupants. Everything begins with new ideas. Good workspace design should help cultivate both productivity and creativity. Designed by POSH Design Lab, Imagine Desking is a industry leading platform that comprehensively addresses and offers a variety of options to create interesting spaces.

    Everything Essential

    Imagine Essential was created to introduce an element of the unexpected, to spur imagination. Arranged in a Hive setting, users will intuitively realise that they could settle into these individual workstations. They are equipped with ergonomic furnishings and colourful options, allowing you to work in a health-positive way in an environment customised for you.

    Imagine Edition

    A calm mind has a greater capacity to absorb new information and think up new ideas. Many companies are reducing the use of private offices and creating more havens for employees to allow for some quiet, focused work. Imagine Edition also offers a meeting table for collaboration.

    Structured Extensions

    Imagine everything is working in unison; complexity that you won’t feel and freedom that you can use. Designed with a universal infrastructure, Imagine Desking leaves sample room for you to create and recreate your workspace and work style. We achieve it by making it work in concert, with a series of retrofitted and interchanged components. Your work is assisted with Imagine Desking – we make sure of it by making sure everything works in unison for you.

    Versatility is Composed

    We know that versatility is a form of freedom. So we’ve designed three different leg styles for Imagine Desking – ‘Capsule’, ‘Axis’ and ‘Tech’ – all connected to the same positions along the mono-beam, with universal adapters and connectors.


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