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Herman Miller - Optimis

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    Herman Miller - OptimisHerman Miller - OptimisHerman Miller - OptimisHerman Miller - Optimis
    Herman Miller - OptimisHerman Miller - OptimisHerman Miller - OptimisHerman Miller - Optimis
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    Product Description:

    The Joy of Creation. Optimis is about desking done right. That means good, honest design that’s geared at maximising productivity while minimising waste. By taking design back to the basics, Optimis celebrates the simple joy of creating. 

    Celebrating Creativity

    The Wright brothers, Walt Disney, Charles and Ray Eames all had one thing in common: they were makers. They used their hands, their skills and their imagination to create things, whether it was a plane, an animated film or a chair, each of them created something innovative and disruptive. U.S. President Barack Obama recognized the importance of making when he hosted the first Maker Faire in the U.S in June 2014. Maker Faire is about exploring new ideas and through shared learning, communities uncover ingenious solutions. It’s an offshoot of the maker movement, which celebrates making for the sake of making rather than for the sake of consumerism. Great ideas can come out of the act of creating. It is in these moments of joy and fulfillment that something might just spark your imagination. 

    Less and More

     Here’s a question for all the makers and doers out there, can we make more with less? Answering the call in architecture is Shigeru Ban. The Japanese architect has explored the properties of simple materials and optimizing design to build structures are simple yet highly robust. Paper was one of the first materials Ban embraced. He used paper tubing to build numerous disaster relief shelters and temporary buildings across the world.It was Ban’s experimentation with the capabilities of paper that inspired the team at POSH Design Lab. How can paper and similar materials like sheet metal be optimized to create original, robust and functional designs?  

    Light and Strong

    The design team explored the way paper moves, and they also took their cues from origami techniques, or the Japanese art of folding paper. Origami is a science as well as an art. When it comes to its applications, the sky is literally the limit – the Miura fold, created by a Japanese astrophysicist, has been scaled up to create solar panels on satellites orbiting way up in the stratosphere. For PDL the principles of origami inspired other applications, like keeping material used in the manufacturing process to a minimum and reducing the need for joints. By bending and angling simple sheet metal into unique shapes and structures, the designers were able to develop a structure that is surprising strong and rigid. Grooves and cutouts helped to confer additional strength and solidity on this desk, allowing the different components of the table to fit together with ease. The end result is a unique desking solution that is highly functional and less impact on the environment. 

    Cloud Storagebox

    Optimis is available with a wide range of above-desk storage accessories that are designed to help you manage a variety of artifacts. A raised toolbar keeps table surfaces free of your workday necessities and holds up accessories like white-board, monitor arm, Cloud Storage Box and more.The toolbar can also support the imaginative line of paper folded accessories created by PDL especially for Optimis. In the collection are shelves, trays, box files and note stands in which you can store anything you’re working on, as well as whimsical creatures and patterns that are sure to please the eye – and the mind.

    Screen In

    Designed to support you no matter where you sit or how you work, Optimis is built with flexibility in mind. That’s why PDL designed a set of screens that can act as dividers if you share your desk, or as a way of organising your files and notes if you like to keep everything at eye level. 

    Power. Right Here, Right Now

     Optimis is about desking done right. That means good, honest design that’s geared at maximising productivity while minimising waste. Integral to productivity in the age of smartphones is easy access to power, and that’s why Optimis comes with an optional power bar. Topped with a flip-top or removable lid, the power bar is built in to the desk surface, making it a readily available power source for all your devices, while keeping it from cluttering your desk, or your mind. 


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