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Award Winning - Casala

The 1st in a series of articles focusing on award winning brands and products that have made headlines, internationally.

First in the spotlight is the Spains, Casala who are known for contract furniture, furniture to be deployed where design is to prove its functional worth, in halls and churches, at offices, universities and government agencies, and in care centres.

(1) Product: Palau Collection - Capsule by Casala

WINNER - 2018 Product of the Year, FX Awards

The shape and function of Capsule is inspired by a cocoon, which guarantees security, comfort and regeneration. Capsule has been developed to give substance to the increasing need for concentration, relaxation and privacy in the office environment. It creates a quiet space for undisturbed phone calls, reading and waiting, with privacy being created without being completely disconnected from the environment. Capsule is a stylish object in large office environments. An additional advantage is that Capsule absorbs ambient noise, which benefits the acoustics in open spaces. Capsule seats one-three people. The duo upholstery, where the inside and outside are made of different fabrics, means Capsule’s versatility is infinite. This makes Capsule easy to integrate into both new and existing interiors.


The natural styled chassis of Capsule is generated from oak combined with steel, with numerous finishes in stains and colours available. Says Capsule designer Kateryna Sokolova: ‘The Capsule collection can work really well for company breakout areas and people. If you look at contemporary offices of the most innovative companies, it will be an open space with a lot of entertaining zones, maybe even with a garden. But for people who work on innovations and are thinking about it 24 hours a day, it is absolutely necessary to have a safe corner where they can relax or concentrate.’

The judges said... ‘Interesting design and concept. Well executed’

(2) Product: Lynx I - Seating Collection by Casala

Linking Lynx is a piece of cake: lift it, move it to the left and there you are: it’s linked to its neighbour. No additional tools or manoeuvring: the chairs themselves form the linking.


The frame is the secret: the ingenious linking device limits the centre-to-centre distance of linked chairs (only 51.5 cm), whereas the seat of the chair is ample and comfortable. A chair number on the back is optional, the digital numeration is programmed by means of a scanner.

(3) Product: Parker IV - Seating Collection by Casala

Frames made of flat steel highlight and emphasize Parker’s aesthetic value.


This high-quality material, available as a star base or in two cantilever frames, provides an exceptional solution for restaurants, board rooms and managerial suites.

(4) Product: Riva Folding Chair by Casala

Light, easy to fold together and with a built-in feelgood factor – Riva, the elegant folding chair.‎ Setting up and clearing away multi-purpose rooms such as halls, event locations and community halls has seldom been so quick.‎ Take a seat on the Riva and you won't want to get up again – thanks to its ergonomically shaped seat and supple mesh backrest.‎


It also offers another benefit: the mesh backrest folds up neatly when the chair is folded or stacked for transport.‎ Riva is sturdy, can be linked to other chairs, is available with row and seat numeration and can be stacked horizontally on a transport dolly.‎ It can be stored on a transport dolly to save space and, when hung on a wall storage bracket, it is close to hand for use as a visitor chair.‎

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