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Leading Office Chairs of 2016

herman--miller-office-chair-range recently analysed hundred's of Office chairs for their acclaimed survey. Herman Miller proudly takes out the number 1 spot and features six separate seating products that make up the top ten.

The survey also took into account customer ratings, returns, comments, surveys, and a bunch of other factors to determine the overall results.

Any office chair needs to adapt to your working and ergonomic needs hence why Herman Miller is a leader when it comes to choosing the right chair for you.

"On average, we spend about five to six hours sitting at our desks during a typical workday." *

Data collected from SmartFurniture's Office Chair Genius Quiz responses

5. Herman Miller - Setu Chair

Smart Furniture Survey Position - 10 from 10

The first thing you'll notice once you sit in Setu? Nothing. There's nothing to tilt, nothing to tweak. It's mathematics in place of mechanisms.

From the moment you sit down, you and the chair move as one. It's form and function working together in harmony. It's elegance in the name of performance.


4. Herman Miller - Mirra 2 Chair

SmartFurniture Survey Position - 6 from 10

As work evolves, and we become more active, flexing from individual to collaborative work in an instant, Herman Miller - Mirra 2 chair moves as you do, at one with your body. When you sit, Mirra 2 adapts to you instantly. Shift and it dynamically supports even your slightest movements. By rethinking every part of a successful design, we made Mirra 2 leaner, lighter, and so responsive it supports you wherever you go.


3. Herman Miller - Sayl Chair

SmartFurniture Survey Position - 5 from 10

Inspired by the principles of suspension bridges, the frameless back of the Herman Miller - Herman Miller - SAYL work chair encourages a full range of movement while the suspension back material keeps you cool all with an extremely small environmental impact. It is everything a Herman Miller chair should be. At a very attainable price. Herman Miller has achieved a breakthrough in seating technology. Support is moulded directly into the 3D Intelligent back material.


2. Herman Miller - Embody Chair

SmartFurniture Survey Position - 3 from 10

So advanced that it actually lowers your heart rate and reduces stress. Keeping you focused and relaxed at the same time by stimulating blood and oxygen flow while you sit. You'll feel like you're floating, which means you'll feel more alert. Your brain will be more alert too coming up with those innovative ideas that keep your company lively and productive.


1. Herman Miller - Aeron Chair

SmartFurniture Survey Position - Number 1 from 10

Aeron provides healthy comfort and balanced body support with its innovative suspension and easy-to-use adjustment controls. PostureFit supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays aligned and you avoid back pain. The patented Kinemat tilt mechanism lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles pivot naturally.


Feel free to visit our Auckland showroom to try any of the chairs featured above.

*Top 10 Office Chairs of 2015,, 2015.

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