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Living Office Premiers in New Zealand

The Unison Showroom Experience
Unison Workspaces is now proud to announce the introduction of Living Office in New Zealand, which resulted in the spectacular re-design of the Auckland Showroom.


Living Office is a high-performing workplace that delivers an elevated experience of work for people, and helps organisations achieve their strategic goals. Work has changed. 
Most offices haven't.

Welcome to Living Office

Living Office helps people customise their methods, tools, and places of work to express and enable shared character and purpose. It's based on what is fundamental to all humans and evolves continuously in response to change.

It is more natural and desirable workplace that foster greater connection, creativity, productivity, and ultimately, greater prosperity for all.


Creating a Living Office

There is no one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution for an optimal workplace. The design of each Living Office is unique, based on the singular purpose, character, and activities of its inhabitants. Here we examine the ideas and design elements that will enable a more naturally human experience of work.

People & Work

Herman Miller brings humanity back to the workplace, so you can help your people, and your business, succeed.


Our research-based insights and principles for workplace design can help you empower your people and realise your goals.

Furnishing and Tools

Give your people the best tools for the job with Unison's diverse product portfolio.



Era of Information

With relative political stability and effective communications, the latter decades of 20th century saw work driven by the flow of information. Highly efficient production and international expansion followed.



1) Herman Miller Solutions - Living Office, "" 2015

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