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Stand and Deliver

One of the advantages of working for a supplier of Herman Miller furniture is you get to experience the crème de le crème of Office furniture. I have been fortunate enough to try out a variety of products, for research purposes, curiosity but most of all productivity and comfort. Other benefits include:

• Greater focus and productivity.
• Less restricted, a more fluid-working environment.
• Reduce in existing back pain.
• Increased energy levels.
• Greater awareness of the bodies needs from having the option to sit or stand.
• More surprisingly a stronger core.

Move Better

Although the idea of standing all day at a desk would be counter productive to me, having the option to sit or stand resulted in a much more organic work style. After all one of the most important aspects when working is the ability to remain present and focused.

Case Study:

A recent article by Herman Miller reinforces the health benefits of a sit-to-stand desk:

*1. When the facility where Ron Reeves works was redesigned recently, there was only one thing he insisted on: a sit-to-stand desk. Although only 32, Reeves has three herniated discs and arthritis, something he discovered when he injured his back playing basketball.

“To come into an office setting and suddenly be so sedentary was daunting,” Ron says. He fidgeted his way through the morning and “by lunch I’d literally be bouncing off the walls.”

Being able to switch from sitting to standing throughout the day helps Ron manage his back pain and release some energy. That makes it easier to focus. His role in corporate communications involves a lot of time on the phone, and much of the time he takes those calls on his feet.

A snapshot of Ron’s working day:

7:00 a.m: Ron arrives early, the best time to “get real work done,“ and sits while setting his priorities for the day and responding to email.
Ron also spends the last hour of the day sitting while he wraps up his work.


10:30 a.m: Phone calls, lots of them! But being able to move around as he talks improves his focus.



2:30 p.m: On the phone - and on his feet - again. In an open design like this, standing increases visibility and eye contact. Is it awkward? “Not for me, but I can see where it would be at first for others. You get used to it and you quickly see how it increases communication.“



Case Study Product List:
Herman Miller - Resolve Workstations
Herman Miller - Embody Chair


Sit-to-stand desks may not be to everyone’s taste. The beauty of an effective work environment is its ability accommodates all working personalities and styles. Like most good design it is about providing options and solutions, which assist the human to become holistically more comfortable resulting in increased results.

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