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The Importance of a Reliable Office Chair

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then where shall I begin?

Office environments have come a long way since the days of cubicles & mediocre seating. Increasingly, they are becoming extensions of our living environments empowering us to work productively.

The combination of sustainability, ergonomics, quality & design play a major factor in determining what makes a revolutionary seat, and thankfully task chair development has been at the forefront of the workplace evolution.

One of the world leaders of task chair research and development is Herman Miller. A company whose name has earned them international respect as a global leader in office furniture design.

Herman Miller - Mirra 2

The designers of Studio 7.5 on how Mirra 2 advances how you sit.

What criteria should you look for when purchasing an office chair?

Overall a lot more thought should go into buying a seating product than how comfortable it is and the price. That is if you want the chair to perform at its peak.

Many primary factors come into play when making a decision. The following criteria will guide you in what to look for when searching for the optimum task chair:

Quality – A task chair whose components are of consistent quality in terms of material composition, assembled fit and finish, and overall functional integrity.

Design – Herman Miller chairs are designed and developed based on research.

Making of Herman Miller - Aeron Chair

Designer Bill Stumpf tells you how the Aeron chair came to be.

Durability – You pay for what you get so it’s important to invest in a product that will remain applicable for a long period of time e.g. All Herman Miller task seating products include a warranty of 10 -12 years highlighting the quality of each product available.

Safety & Ergonomics – Seating that satisfies all industry safety standards and provides uncommonly good ergonomic support no matter how big or small.

Herman Miller - Aeron Hockey

Aeron - All work and some play.

Sizing/Fit – A seating solution that accommodates a wide range of demographic users. In the case of Herman Millers Aeron chair this range is from the 5th percentile of women (Smaller/ Petit frame) and 95th Percentile male (Tall / Larger frame.)

Environmental aspects - Where the chairs hardware components and production processes are unusually sensitive to environmental issues. Consider the life cycle of each product recyclability and recycled content.

Herman Miller – Performance Chair Gallery


Top Row: Mirra 2 | Aeron | Setu Upholstered | Eames Aluminium Group

Middle Row: Sayl | Setu

Bottom Row: Embody

Reputation: – Herman Miller has developed a solid reputation over its 90-year reign. Such assurance doesn’t come easily and can only be developed with time, honesty and hard work. Rest assured you are purchasing the best product, from a highly regarded company that continues to raise the bar when it comes to office furniture research & design.

“Work chairs are popping up in all kinds of places from traditional work settings to co-working spaces and home offices. But no matter where you find them, your body and mind will benefit from the innovative support, alignment, and comfort of our ergonomic chairs.”

Herman Miller 2013.

Setu chair light weight and durable

Conclusion: – In the advent of future technology the environments that surround us will continually change to suit our working styles. One thing that remains in most cases is the need to be seated. It is therefore crucial to support your working body. You will be amazed at the difference a good quality tasks chair will make. Visit our showroom and try out our seating range for yourself.

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