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Herman Miller - Passport

  • Herman Miller - Passport
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    Herman Miller - PassportHerman Miller - PassportHerman Miller - PassportHerman Miller - Passport
    Herman Miller - PassportHerman Miller - PassportHerman Miller - PassportHerman Miller - Passport
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    About Passport

    Why Quantify?

    Passport is a new technology service from Herman Miller. Bringing the Internet of Things to life in the workplace, Passport is an ibeacon-based platform that makes self-improvement possible. By providing you with real-time information on how your time is spent in the office, Passport enables you to take steps that will change the way you work – and the way you live.


    A User Driven App

    Passport empowers you by placing data at your fingertips. Armed with information on how you use your workspace, you will be able to make systematic improvements to how you work, play and connect with others, ultimately improving your own well-being. The Passport app is available for both IOS and Android users: simply download it from the Apple Store, Google Play or Baidu App Store (China). The app is password protected and secure for each site. Use the app’s Activity function to find out where you were today, or its Maps function to explore your workspace.




    The Power of Space

    Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." The buildings and spaces we live and work in have an impact on us: our workspace is often where we spend most of our day, and its design can truly influence our quality of life.

    Imagine when the CEO asks you, 'How are your spaces performing? Are users enjoying the new Plaza area or is that new Cove really encouraging co-creation and huddle?' says Samantha Giam, Director of Living Office – APAC.

    “Executives and designers today are not able to answer this effectively or in a timely manner." That’s because most of the measurement techniques out there are cumbersome and expensive, providing you with complex information that is not capable of providing actionable recommendations. With Passport, however, that picture is about to change. Passport is opening the door on a new era in which we can finally harness the power of our spaces.

    Herman Miller Passport


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