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Arras Spine

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Set up includes 2 x 2400mm spine sections = 4800mm  long total

PRODUCT RRP IS $ 3450 - SELLING WAY BELOW COST - ex showroom used condition 

  • Spine is white steel with infill panel at on end maple laminate 
  • Includes cable tray for power and data reticulation 
  • Includes white honeycomb screen and tray
  • Desks are not included
HM.AV122AIAIA Arras Spine end leg, Aligned height 1.00
HM.AV123AIA Arras Spine mid leg, Aligned height 1.00
HM.AV124AEEP05 Arras Spine end leg infill - Echopanel Grey 442 1.00
HM.AV124ALF14 Arras Spine end leg infill - Laminate Spice Maple wirebrush 1.00
HM.AV300BBMNIA Arras Port Cover Complex Back to Back (Mid) Non Receptacle 2.00
HM.AV12524EIA Arras Spine twin beam, end position, 2400L 1.00
HM.AV313 Arras Honeycomb screen, mounting fixture 2.00
HM.AV395HW24 Arras Central Rail - 2400mmL 2.00
HM.AV81516IA Arras Socket Mounting Plate, CMS Socket, 2 Power/ 2 Data - W 2.00
HM.AV891D24IATP01 Pivot Wing 2400mmL - white 2.00
HM.AV821AIA Spine vertical riser cover, Aligned height 2.00
HM.AV507LF14IA Sliding Tray with Divider - White, Spice Maple Wirebush Tray 1.00

Brand: Herman Miller