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thinwall • acoustic wall liner + cabinet enclosure

Unlike its sibling product, softwall, thinwall is not intended to be free-standing.
It was designed as a sculptural acoustic wall liner for solid walls, columns and ceilings or as a flexible wrap for storage areas, reception desks and other millwork.
The flexible wall measures only 90mm wide and reaches 1.83m high. Adjustable, it stretches up to 3m long.


The internal honeycomb structure and pleated surface break up reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption to enhance clarity of speech.


The white textile is a non-woven polyethylene. Durable to handle and easy to maintain; it is antistatic to repel dust, washable with soap and water, UV-stable and tear resistant.
Paper thinwall, available in natural brown or dyed black, is made from a robust blend of new and recycled paper fibres.
Both materials are 100% recyclable.

Integrated LED

The textile version can be backlit with a flexible LED ribbon to transform the space liner into a sculptural light fixture.

Immersive environments

A complement to softwall rather than an alternative, thinwall integrates additional furniture or structures into an aesthetically cohesive environment.

Brand: molo

Founders & Designers of molo products: Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen