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Palau's recently introduced it's is a new soft seating programme, Capsule.

Stylish quiet environment

Capsule creates a quiet environment for undisturbed phone calls, reading in and waiting.Privacy is created without being completely disconnected from the environment. Capsule is a stylish object in large office environments. An additional advantage is that Capsule absorbs ambient noise, which benefits the acoustics in the room.

Capsule can accommodate 1-3 people. The duo upholstery, where the inside and outside are made of different fabrics, makes the versatility in execution virtually infinite. This makes Capsule easy to integrate into both new and existing interiors. The stylized chassis of Capsule is made of oak, combined with steel. Various finishes in stains and colours are available.

A unique Sofa or Armchair design that stems from the influence of a cocoon, allowing you to isolate yourself within any environment.
Whether you need to make calls in private, host informal meetings with staff or clients, or simply find solitude in loud public spaces, Capsule is the ideal piece of furniture to use.

  • Dimensions - 1-seat: 1000W x 900D x 1750H (cm) | Seat height 450mm
  • Dimensions - 2-seat: 1950W x 900D x 1750H (cm) | Seat height 450mm
  • Finish -  oak, combined with steel. Various finishes in stains and colors.
  • Fabric - Casala Nevada  Moss – 10 colours

Brand: Palau

Designer: Kateryna Sokolova