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Modularity reaches a new dimension with Palau’s seating system CORALS by Robert Bronwasser.

CORALS is a very dynamic system indeed, adding to the continuously changing needs of the business market.
All elements within the program, such as seating elements, walls, tables or armrests, are simply connected onto an aluminium frame which functions as the base for this seating system.
Due to the user friendly fixing system all elements can be plugged in an out effortlessly.

The aluminium base also enables cables to be stored neatly out of sight. CORALS can be supplied with net boxes and/or lighting systems integrated in the sofa’s, armrests or tabletops.
All these options make the many configurations easy to expand, transport, install and (re-)assemble. CORALS is very suitable for daring colour schemes.
There is a wide range of fabrics available with a variety of colours.

Brand: Palau

Designer: Robert Bronwasswerr

Product Downloads:

 Palau - Bricks Brochure  Palau - Bricks Brochure