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Deneb table is an archetype of cool minimalism.

The Deneb table design plays with the shapes of the four legs.

The anodised aluminium frame is assembled from four precision engineered elements that fit seamlessly together.

Frame: anodized aluminium, white or black.

Top: frosted glass, transparent glass, white lacquered tops, white HPL, black HPL, oak, walnut and teak with slats.


Deneb table has a very minimal design. But to achieve this simplicity it requires high technology:

  • ALUMINIUM: the frame is completely made of super light aluminium.
  • THIN: all the profiles have been minimized to 10mm to achieve a light look.
  • FRAMES: the frame can be finished in matt-anodised, white lacquer or black lacquer.
  • TABLETOPS: the frame can host tabletops in wood, glass, HPL and teak.
  • OUTDOOR: all the frames can be used outdoor with HPL and teak table top options

Brand: Stua

Designer: Jesus Gasca 

Stua, Design furniture company basics by Elena Gasca