The Nevi Sit-to-Stand Desks offer a flexible and healthy workspace solution that promotes employee movement and well-being. With freestanding and back-to-back linked benching options, these desks enable employees to switch positions throughout the day, increasing energy and productivity while protecting the bottom line.

Key features of Nevi™ include a spacious rectangular work surface, standard electric height ranges, a four-position memory touch switch, and the introduction to square profile legs for stability. The desks are available in the refined, timeless finishes that harmonise with the entire Herman Miller portfolio. Choose from customisable materials across the surface and base to design a more neutral space or add in splashes of color.

With a 12-year warranty on the work surface and 5 years on gearing and electrical components, Nevi™ is the perfect investment for your workspace. Elevate your work experience with Nevi™ Sit-to-Stand Desks!

Verus offers both short-term and long-term comfort at an attainable price. Designed to work as hard as the people who use it, Verus is guaranteed to last with a 12-year, three-shift warranty. Its built-in sacral reinforcement keeps the spine properly aligned, while options for adjustable lumbar support add extra comfort and stability for total spinal support.

The TriFlex™ back option offers even more durability with engineered flex patterning designed to move with your body, providing a strong and comfortable fit. Plus, Verus' versatile design flexes easily to any workplace aesthetic, offering a range of colours and fabrics to choose from.

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