Returning to your workplace, whether it be an office, home or somewhere in between may bring with it a rethink of how we work? We are here to help by offering advice, sharing our professional insights and idea's for now and the future.

Key Points

Working in the present, preparing for the future.

No one could have predicted the current Covid-19 crisis and hindsight can be a powerful thing. Formulating a plan from lessons we have learned and implementing short & long term workplace strategies is essential for successful results.

Make safety a key priority.

The 'New normal' will bring with it a sense of uncertainty & caution.
By implementing ongoing safety procedures and strategy for all workers and clients will install an overall sense of trust and confidence, whether it be safety within individual workspaces or interaction with clients. Data and education are necessary when making such adjustments.
Supporting flexibility - The rise of the home office.

It's no surprise that home offices are more popular than ever. During the lockdown, the majority of workers welcomed the ability to continue working from their own homes. With the improved technology platforms and ergonomic furniture, this is now becoming a popular choice for many.
Reconfiguring the office space.

Improved planning for the office could be the most efficient way to keep people safe. Maintaining safe, physical distancing measures may require a rethink of how team members and facilities collaborate. Allow a Unison specialist to assist with a wide range of, tools, resources and knowledge by using our unique Living Office approach.
Strategies to improve the future of work.

Preparing for the future should be a part of any business strategy. Assessing workplace facilities and the interaction between team members is different for everyone but is crucial to determining how physical spaces are designed and function for long term success.

Work has changed. Most offices haven't.

When your people succeed, so does your business.
People are the most critical asset to every organisation. So why aren't more offices designed to support their needs and activities?
With Living Office, Unison can help you achieve an elevated experience of work.

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Embracing a New Reality :Herman Millers Workplace Strategy Insights for COVID-19 and Beyond
 includes, tactics for keeping people safe as they return to the office, ideas for the future of work, and application thought starters for reconfiguring your workplace.

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