Ateljé Lyktan

Riff Pendant Light

$400.00 NZD INC GST
Quantity available: 1

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When Olle Lundberg designed the pendant luminaire Riff, he wanted to create a flexible and versatile lumi­naire, which could easily be adapted to different environments.

Riff comes in three different sizes and the light engine is painted in black or white. Stock as below

AT.202570 Riff 100 Puck 115.5x110.2 10 W LED Black 1.00
AT.202573 Riff 100 Bowl 132x171.3 10W LED 3000k White 1.00
AT.202575 Riff 100 Cone 123.9x191.5 10W LED 3000k Black 1.00

Price is for 3 lights

Brand: Ateljé Lyktan

Designers: Olle Lundberg