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When spaces are continuously reconfigured to enable the intended use a practical solution is needed.

Caliber shows itself as a multitasker that can be connected easily with its innovative linking system.
Furthermore, Caliber stacks vertically due to its plastic stacking bumpers that secure a stable stack on its transport dolly.

Caliber safeguards an excellent sitting comfort for daily use.
The Caliber linkable stacking chairs could be used for many purposes, for example as hall chairs, school chairs and church chairs

D Design By | Kressel + Schelle

Dimensions |  490W x 540D x 455SH X 810BH

Finishes | Beech Shell   Frame Powdercoated  | white, grey and black or chrome and matt chrome

Description | Caliber is stackable up to max. 20 pieces on a transport dolly • Caliber transport dolly: 20 chairs: length 73cm, width 60cm, 40 chairs: length 137cm, width 60cm, height including stack of chairs: 188cm

Description |  • Caliber has a stabile linking system • For optimal room capacity, the center-to-center distance of the linked chairs is 50 cm

Linking system

Brand: Casala

Designer: Kressel + Schelle