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Interlink is a chair program designed in the same philosophy as Lynx, but developed for projects where the budget is limited.

Ideal for locations with ever changing room setups, without compromising on functionality and quality.


  • Interlink has an integrated linking system in the frame
  • Linking Interlink only requires lifting the chair 10 centimeters 
  • Interlink has a stackability up to 12 on transport dolly 
  • By stacking the chairs vertically the seats do not touch due to its integrated stacking protection in the frame 
  • It is possible to link Interlink with and without armrests, combined in use, for optimal flexibility
  • Optimal space capacity due to a centre to centre distance of linked chairs of 51,5 cm
  • Optionally Interlink is available in a XS version, without armrests.
  • The centre to centre distance of the linked chairs is 50 cm
  • Transport dolly’s and transport systems are available for safe and secure transport of the chairs from room to room or between various locations 


Shell natural beech
Shell natural beech w/ arm rests
Shell natural beech, upholstered seat
Shell natural beech, upholstered seat, w/ armrests
Shell natural beech, padded upholstery, w/ armrests
Fully upholstered
Fully upholstered, w/ armrests

Brand: Palau

Designer: Kommer Kors