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Wishbone is a table with extraordinary potential.

Thanks to its modular frame extension system, it can hold tabletops of almost any size, and its range of possible geometries includes everything from egg shapes and ellipses to spindle shapes.
Of course, the rectangular shape is also an option too, so the overall programme stretches from modest to cheerful.
The different shapes and sizes are made possible by the wishbone-shaped adapter under the tabletop, which gives the table its name.

There are 20 leg variations available, some of which can be specially fitted to slant outwards. Others are short, enabling you to use the Wishbone as a coffee table.
All these features make it a sturdy and aesthetically appealing piece of furniture that is perfect for at home, in the conference room, at the library, or in your restaurant or office.

Brand: Casala

Designer: Erik Munnikhof