Flo Dual

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Achieve a perfect dual screen setup.

Use two Flo monitor arms with a specially designed dual clamp to enjoy all the unique features and benefits of Flo in dual format.
Develop a desktop setup that works to your needs; utilising an award-winning dual monitor stand that has been specifically catered to the ergonomic work environment.

Improved ergonomics for laptop users

The Flo monitor arm was developed for adaptiveness and usability, allowing for simple synchronicity between devices.
Combine a screen and laptop by adding the Flo laptop stand and enable mobile/hybrid workers to use their laptop as a secondary screen when in the office.
Improving both ergonomics and efficiency, the Flo dual monitor stand is the perfect addition to the modern workplace.

Easy cable management.

Integrated into a 3-point format to create a neat and tidy workstation, the dual monitor arm setup promotes efficiency through modern aesthetics and workplace design.
Building upon your current desktop setup, our dual monitor stand can help to alleviate common roadblocks that inhibit productivity.

Brand: Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Designers: Colebrook Bosson Saunders