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Caper Multipurpose Stool

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Caper Multipurpose Stools bring seated and standing participants eye-to-eye in meeting spaces and other settings where group participation is encouraged.

They offer swivel, tilt, and height adjustment to accommodate a wide range of people and activities.


Caper’s polypropylene seat and back are contoured for comfort, flexible for give, and colorful enough to brighten up any room. Holes in the material allow your body to breathe, so moisture and heat dissipate, so you remain cool.

An optional FLEXNET seat uses advanced suspension materials to minimize pressure points, which keeps you comfortable as you sit.


Jeff Weber designed the Caper family of seating to accommodate a diversity of people, and, just as important, the variety of spaces where they use them and tasks that they do.

Color Choices:

As stylish as they are versatile, Caper chairs and stools are available in a palette of fresh, lively colors. Sophisticated neutrals complement, while vibrant primary colors bring energy.


The Caper family of agile, stylish seating includes multi-purpose chairs and stools, stacking chairs and stools, as well as the Caper Stacking Chair with Tablet, Arm.
Mix and match chairs and stools to add practical function and a pop of color to any space.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designers: Jeff Weber

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