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CKL 3 Roll Locker

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Mobile work style is made easy with CKL personal locker, featuring key-less entry, mail slot, removable letter tray, practical container and functional back panel.

Nowadays, many companies are moving to a high mobility model where high percentage of employees does not own their workstation.
They come to work with their belongings and there are lots of documents and files.
So to continue differentiation and specialist in office storage solution, CKL Locker is launch. CKL Lockers will satisfy your Activity Based Working needs.


Design for Environment Protocol POSH products are developed in accordance to Design for Environment (DfE) protocol as part of our organisation commitment in minimising the impact of each of our products on the environment. Our products use materials that are safe for human and ecological health, demonstrate very low emission levels and contain high recycled and recyclable contents. We design our products to facilitate change and reusability, and are easy to disassemble and separate for responsible end of life management. We integrate carbon reduction strategies in product design, supply chain, manufacturing, packaging and transportation so that our products have lower carbon footprints.

  • CKL Lockers are Greentag approved to level B
  • CKL Lockers can contribute to LEED certifications.
  • CKL Locker have an 8-year warranty

Dimensions  3 roll | 890w x 1780h x 560mmD | Each module – 296mm wide x 1780H

Dimensions  6 roll | 890w x 1780h x 560mmD | Each module – 296mm wide x 890H

Dimensions 9 roll  | 890w x 1780h x 560mmD | Each module – 296mm wide x 593H

Dimensions | 890w x 1780h x 560mmD

12 door module – 296mm wide x 445H

15 door module – 296mm wide x 356H

Finish | Steel Powder coated

Band 1: New Snow

Band 2: Jet Black, Dust Charcoal, Blush, Chestnut, Mustard, Lipstick, Whale, Blue Ice

Band 4: Other colours

Brand: Herman Miller