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Co/Struc System

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The original movable modular system for healthcare and laboratory applications.

Co/Struc offers the benefits you need – efficient response to the endless changes you have to cope with, easy to sanitize, true modularity – so you can switch components and parts with ease.
And a solid return on your investment. With a 30-year track record, you can be assured that parts and components will always be available.

True Modularity

Lots of companies say that their casework components are "modular." But are they? True modularity is based on a mathematical relationship: 2 + 2 = 4. So-called "modules" based on 76mm increments are not really modular. When it's time to move components around, the flexibility you thought was there won't be.

Made for Change

We ask clinicians to tell us what their work will look like in five years. They can't. But we know that a typical lab will have a 20% equipment churn rate every year. Changes in staff and procedures are common too. Co/Struc is designed to adapt to that change. Downtime is reduced because the staff can easily add, remove, or reconfigure components without tools or the dollars, dust, and disruption of a construction project.

Smart and Movable

Storage lockers and carts provide a highly mobile, compact, expandable material's management system. Lockers can be hung on the wall or pulled on a cart, contents intact, to reduce multiple handling of materials as they move through the facility. L carts provide smaller, efficient mobility.

Supports Numerous Applications

Laboratories. Strong, durable components create ergonomic work areas, accommodate changing technology, and can be arranged as needed. Work surfaces don't have to be supported by casework, so that under-counter storage and surfaces can be changed out in a snap to meet real needs.


 Herman Miller - Co/Struc Brochure  Herman Miller - Co/Struc Brochure

Brand: Herman Miller / Nemschoff - Healthcare

Designer: Nemschoff Design Studio

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