Herman Miller

Exclave Rail System

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Mobilises Ideas

With Exclave, creative thinking that begins in one space can be refined or expanded in another.
Whiteboards, tackboards, and lightweight eco-boards travel with teams and individuals throughout the day to help preserve and disseminate good ideas.

Mobile carts support the movement of boards, and provide free-standing display and space delineation in open areas.
Rails installed in a variety of locations offer flexible, adaptable support for the full suite of Exclave products.

Pack includes

HM.EXRL96G1 Exclave Wall Rails - 96" wide, graphite 1.00
HM.EXBT4 Exclave Board Info Tabs - pack of 2 1.00
HM.EXFH8G1 Exclave Flip Chart Hooks - graphite 1.00
HM.EXMK1TRQ Exclave Marker & Eraser Kit - turquoise finish 1.00
HM.EXREC4G1 Exclave Rail End Clips - graphite finish 1.00
HM.EXSBEG1 Exclave Small Eco Boards - writeable, pack of 4, graphite 1.00
HM.EXSBT1G1VCN8T23 Exclave Small Boards - tackable fabric, crossing graphite 1.00

Brand: Herman Miller

Designers: Gianfranco Zaccai