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High capacity, efficient footprint, fully cleanable.

Lockers take advantage of vertical space for high-capacity mobile storage that makes efficient use of floor space, or can be hung on a Co/Struc® wall rail.
Tambour doors keep supplies secure and clean without compromising interior storage.

Solid-coloured and clear doors are options. Lockers can be cleaned in a cart washer.

Rack Options:

Options include three- or four-slide catheter racks. Each slide includes prongs, side label clips, and front label holders.     

Infection Control:

Components can be easily removed for thorough cleaning. Plastic drawers and shelves can be washed in sinks, or they can be washed along with lockers in a cart washer.

Space Efficiency:

Smart use of vertical space is made possible with simple customisation of interiors created with combinations of drawers, shelves, and dividers.

Visual Access:

A clear door gives a quick way to identify interior contents. Drawer labels can provide a visual reference.

Brand: Herman Miller / Nemschoff - Healthcare

Designer: Nemschoff Design Studio

Herman Miller Healthcare