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The design team explored the way paper moves, and they also took their cues from origami techniques, or the Japanese art of folding paper.

Origami is a science as well as an art. When it comes to its applications, the sky is literally the limit – the Miura fold, created by a Japanese astrophysicist, has been scaled up to create solar panels on satellites orbiting way up in the stratosphere. For PDL the principles of origami inspired other applications, like keeping material used in the manufacturing process to a minimum and reducing the need for joints.

By bending and angling simple sheet metal into unique shapes and structures, the designers were able to develop a structure that is surprising strong and rigid.
Grooves and cut-outs helped to confer additional strength and solidity on this desk, allowing the different components of the table to fit together with ease.
The end result is a unique desking solution that is highly functional and less impactful on the environment.

Featuring a modular understructure, Optimis can adapt to any working environment – whether you’re holding a conference for 20, or setting the scene for a team of three.
This versatile desking solution can be configured to form individual, linear, 120 and corner desks.

Brand: Herman Miller