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Design Story

Folding of flat sheets of material into an extensive number of patterns can create light core structures with high strength to weight ratio and impact energy absorbing characteristics. It is also developed at a cost significantly less that any existing manufacturing process. Folding technology for sheet material is unique and one of the most efficient shape and structural forming processes. We investigated the effect of folding patterns in different thickness of sheet metal and corrugated paper. It led us to what FOLDS is today. We also observed that flat sheets of material is fairly accessible in daily life time, it can easily inspire our audience to create their beloved patterns with their imagination. •

Key differentiations: 1. Simple vocabularies; 2. Easy installation; 3. Wide choices of accessories; 4. Clean power management.

Understructure • Only one size of middle leg and end leg to support primary worksurface 600/700/800mm deep surface.
There is back to back and single side, two kinds of leg; • Cable tray becomes a structural part to support surface with mono beam;
Understructure 700D/800D back to back worksurface requires cantilever bracket. Extension bracket will rest on cantilever bracket and embrace the mono‐beam directly.
Leveling glide can be easily accessed and adjusted by tool gun or Allen key on site, without lifting the leg.

OPTIMIS Power Management

All back to back scenario can be fitted with double flipper. The channel feeds both users at each end. The rim and the flipper can be specified in two different powder coating colours. Back to back users will share the cable tray, with soft wiring sockets such as CLIPSAL, BYRNE or CMS.


The double flipper or the wood cover can be integrated with the light screen assembly or the toolbar screen assembly. User have three options of the screen material, for both the light screen or toolbar screen structure: 1. Upholstered pinnable screen 2. Laminate/Melamine wood grain screen 3. Glass screen

There is lateral divider available in either Acrylic or Laminate/Melamine finishing.

Optimis is available with a wide range of above-desk storage accessories that are designed to help you manage a variety of artifacts. A raised toolbar keeps table surfaces free of your workday necessities and holds up accessories like white-board, monitor arm, Cloud Storage Box and more.The toolbar can also support the imaginative line of paper folded accessories created by PDL especially for Optimis. In the collection are shelves, trays, box files and note stands in which you can store anything you’re working on, as well as whimsical creatures and patterns that are sure to please the eye – and the mind.

Designed to support you no matter where you sit or how you work, Optimis is built with flexibility in mind. 

Brand: Herman Miller

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 Herman Miller - Optimis Desking System Brochure  Herman Miller - Optimis Desking System Brochure