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The sweeping curves of Swoop’s modular seating components were designed to make the furniture comfortable for many different sitting positions.
Coordinating box tables can be used in-line with modular seating, and work tables fit perfectly over armrests.
Coffee tables function as stools with the addition of a cushion top. All components work together in countless ways to create flexible, reconfigurable spaces where people can get together casually and comfortably. 

Sit however

While traditional lounge furniture inhibits movement, Swoop encourages it.
Sit how you like, and change positions as you want, and when you need a work surface, pull up a table wherever you need it.
Modular seating components can also be ganged together to allow a run of chairs or ottomans to create sofas or benches, which lend a sense of enclosure to help define a space.

Work wherever

Swoop seating invites collaboration, providing the necessary comfort and support to keep focus and productivity high.
Swoop work tables are free-standing, with heights that fit perfectly over an armrest to provide a non-handed work surface.
Add an upholstered cushion top to a work table or coffee table to create a stool. Box tables are available with power outlets for easy connectivity. 

Sweeping curves

Brian Kane designed Swoop for the way people sit today—in a word, personally.
Because there are no hard edges or 90-degree angles, the “swooping” form created as the arms curve into the seat accommodates a variety of postures and positions: upright with a laptop at the ready, or reclined with a cup of coffee; legs crossed, feet up, or settled in.

Aesthetic range

With an extensive range of upholstery fabrics, veneers, laminates, and colours, Swoop also suits your personal style—from classic to expressive.
Make a colour statement with fully upholstered armchairs, club chairs, and ottomans.
Tone things down with the lightness of the plywood lounge chair. Combine tables and chairs for configurations that meet practically any need.

On The Designer:

Designer Brian Kane created Swoop lounge furniture based on the needs he observed in public seating areas. He realised that people don't sit in traditional ways they occupy their seating environment with a variety of postures. This led him to design a versatile and fluid lounge seating and table solution that supports the ways people sit and move.

Swoop offers a different kind of lounge seating construction. Its sweeping curves and modular components provide multiple configuration options for variety of spaces large or small, individual or group. The result is a comfortable and inviting seating solution for areas where people learn, meet, and work.

Free-standing tables round out the collection and can function as desks or stools.
The square box table is available with power access to accommodate technology needs.
Traditional lounge furniture inhibits movement. Swoop encourages it.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designers: Brian Kane

Brian Kane, Kane Design Studio

Product Downloads:

 Herman Miller - Swoop Lounge Furniture Brochure  Herman Miller - Swoop Lounge Furniture Brochure