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T2 is a mobile, height-adjustable table with an adventurous personality and a highly intelligent core engine that responds to your needs, and your choices.

In T2, digital technology combines with self-monitoring features and ergonomics to facilitate different postures throughout the day – from sit to stand, and from quiet time to engaging with others – and to quantify how you work, supporting an agile workspace and personal wellbeing.

Built for Agility

There is no one model for success, but what’s working for tech giants and superstar startups are models that are inherently nimble. Their people are more productive than ever before because they’re encouraged to think creatively, to work collaboratively and to take control.

Self Quantify with Verb™

Verb is an optional add-on feature that enhances T2’s functionality, enabling it to support your wellbeing in the workplace.
This trademarked smartphone app pairs with T2 to track and manage how you work, using ergonomic algorithms and your anthropomorphic data to determine the best desk heights for you.
It can even give you tailored advice on when to sit or stand in order to optimise your health and minimise fatigue.

Seamless Style

Clean, clutter-free design is at the heart of T2’s ethos. T2 stands on one central column, giving it a distinctive, streamlined look.
Its core engine is tucked neatly out of sight, and each movement is speedy yet discreet. The high-performance actuator and structural beams are seamlessly integrated into the design, all housed in the custom-designed chassis.

This way, the undercarriage stays clutter-free. Carefully designed cable reticulation conceals all cords running from the floor to the desk. The only visible cable – which connects the desk to a power point – retracts easily when you step on the foot lever.

Devices in Order

T2’s mission is to help you be the most productive version of yourself. This carries through every aspect of the desk’s streamlined design, from undercarriage to tabletop.

That’s why there is a built-in power bar on T2’s desktop: here, you can plug in as many of your devices as you like. This way, they can charge up while remaining visible and easily accessible.

Hidden under the power bar is a compartment in which you can store devices and digital accessories you don’t need immediate access to. This space also houses built-in power sockets.
The power bar is not available for T1.

Both T1 and T2 are strong enough to bear up to 200lb (90kg) in desktop weight.
It can even accommodate monitor arms, which can be installed on the tabletop at specific points in order to hold up monitor screens.

Effortless Adjustments

Choose between manual or digital adjustments, depending on your personal needs and tastes. The manual version of T1 and T2 lets you make adjustments via a crank handle, which folds neatly out of sight when it’s not in use.
With the digital version, you can control your desk via the touchscreen control panel on the desk’s surface.

The membrane controls are integrated into the surface of the desk, with an LED-lit indication providing real-time information on your height adjustments. The intuitive panel regularly invites you to interact with it by changing postures throughout the day.

Design Story

As the next generation of height-adjustable desk, T2's design had to reflect its futuristic intention, "for the same reason a Tesla does not look like a Toyota," explains Marc Fong Director of Research, Design & Development APAC, Herman Miller
Everything from decisions about transitions in surface geometry to component interface was therefore created with this in mind.

The smartphone also had a part to play here. "I'm obsessed with the round corners on smartphones," says Fong, who gave T2 its well-rounded form, with corners curving at a 50mm radius.

This was one of the design team’s key achievements: thoughtful and rigorous engineering to optimize manufactured cost and yet successfully deliver on the challenging design intention. Behind T2’s facade lies a highly engineered assembly of components that come together to work perfectly–all the time, every time.

When it comes to the name, the 'T' represents the desk's striking profile, shaped like the letter T. It's a letter that evokes ideas central to T2's very being: in particular, the idea of Taking Control–both in the workplace and in life. Workspaces are always determined and designed by someone else, whether they're a designer, a facility manager, or a CFO. But rarely are they designed by the individuals who use them. T2, on the other hand, is all about shaping your own environment.

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