40/4 Barstool

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David Rowland’s 40/4 chair is arguably the most significant chair design of the past 50 years.

Over 8 million chairs have been sold since its introduction in 1964. Honoured with numerous design awards, and exhibited in several museums all over the world, the 40/4 chair is widely appealing.
Whether you go for its excellent ergonomic features, its graceful lines and durability or its unique space-saving attributes, there are at least 40 good reasons to choose this design icon.

Renowned for its unsurpassed stacking and handling characteristics combined with its elegant and spare aesthetic, 40/4 is rightly a great favourite of specifying architects and designers.
With seats and backs in plastic resin, finely crafted wood veneer or as upholstered version, 40/4 does great service across the board in schools, universities, churches and cathedrals, as well as in corporate offices, conference centres and training establishments. 40/4 is also available in armchair, barstool, lounge chair, swivel chair, outdoor variations, and with wood frame.

BARSTOOL VERSION The side chair is available as barstool version with seating height of 30.3” as standard. Seating heights from 550 mm to 800 mm also available. The seat and back is more narrow and seating position more leaned back for optimal comfort. The solid steel rod (steel quality C15K, norm EN10278/ISO 286-2) is Ø0.55”. The barstool version is available in veneer, polyamide and upholstery finish.

Brand: Howe

Designer: David Rowland

40/4 chair liberates living architecture in St. Barnabas Church