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Moveo Table collection is a multipurpose range designed to provide modern tables that are easy to operate and handle by just one person as well as providing efficient space management. Intended for use in multipurpose meetings, conference and training facilities.

The flip-top table system features a ‘power beam’ offering easy access to power and data in the table top as well  as unobtrusive cable management.

Moveo T Base Tables| Moveo is a mobile flip-top table system for training, meeting and conferencing use embedding a solution for concealed cabling.
The T leg Conference leg provides an 800 wide foot span allowing large tables up to 1200 wide to still be demountable.

Flip mechanism - These “zero-weight” tables are extremely easy to handle. The rock solid flip-top mechanism is activated by simply pulling the release handles simultaneously. Tables nest closely together when not in use, thus saving valuable space.
The release handles can be operated by just one person - simply push the table top slightly downwards while releasing the handles, and the table top will flip. The top will not flip unintendedly because of this “push-plate” release mechanism.

Linking - Moveo tables are always with 4 multidirectional castors (Ø75) – two of them with brakes.
This castor solution ensure that tables can be easily manoeuvred and transported from area to area.

The table tops can be linked together easily and quickly due to the user-friendly and universal linking bracket with receiver. Due to the placing and the design of the bracket, it can link both short and long sides. The linking bracket is made of steel, coated black.

“The automobile industry often develops new innovative technologies that are integrated into a long list of different products and models. We also see Moveo as an example of an innovative product that is built around unique technological platforms. The table has a number of revolutionary functions and design features, which we have developed with optimal functionality, comfort and handling in mind.”

Power beam - Moveo tables have a sophisticated power beam which allows power/data units to be housed in the beam rather than top mounted. Structural beam in 84 x 94 x 2,0 mm gauge steel U-profile with inlay coated black. The beam serves as cable channel and is dimensioned to contain sockets. It is constructed to fulfill several needs for power and data accessibility. Trailing cables neatly exit the beam at one or both ends and are concealed and secured down the leg by a vertical column inserted in channels on the extruded aluminium leg.

Custom power rails

Power rails are custom made with combinations of power/data, HDMI and audio to suit specified requirements.

Brand: Howe

Designer: Kolberg + Simonsen