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SixE is HOWE’s new stacking chair - a refined mono shell chair designed by Pearson Lloyd.

The name of the chair refers to the six E’s that characterises the chair: Ergonomic, Environmental, Ease of handling, Elegant, Efficient and Economic.
With a modern yet modest aesthetics, a superb comfort and a sturdy and durable design SixE embraces the core values of HOWE.

A multifunctional and space-saving chair with an optimised stacking efficiency for both side chairs and armchairs.
The environmental aspect comprises a.o. Design for Disassembly and extended product responsibility.

SixE is truly refined engineering designed to be the most efficient and sturdy solution to the ubiquitous stacking shell chair.
With the collaborative chair version SixE also offer a concept for active learning environments.

The carefully tuned back forms a natural, yet controlled flexure system that provides superb comfort as well as fundamental support for the lumbar region.
Additionally, the soft rolled edge means no pressure points are generated, which allows for sitting in a variety of positions.

Available in polypropylene and seat pad upholstered version.

Brand: Howe


SixE Sled

SixE Sled

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SixE Upholstered

SixE Upholstered

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