Cloud Mobiles

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cloud softlight creates an undulating overhead canopy of soft luminous forms.

Group cloud mobiles (small, medium or large) or cloud pendants to create vast cloudscapes flowing in a unique topography, tailored to the individual space they are shaping.
Taking inspiration from the wondrous mobile constructions of Alexander Calder, a mobile of luminous clouds can be suspended, moving with a gentle buoyancy in the air currents overhead.

The mobile structure allow for a broad canopy of cloud forms, hung from a single point, to provide light and a sense of intimate enclosure.
Alternately, individual pendants in four different sizes can be suspended.

The hollow cloud forms are internally lit by LED light, making the sculptural three dimensional forms mysteriously radiant when viewed from any direction.
Made from the same translucent white textile material as urchin softlight and textile softwall + softblock, these pieces complement each other to create fluid, sculptural environments. 

Small Cloud Mobile | 1200mm dia (overall)

includes 2 small pendants and 1 Medium Cloud Mobile 

Medium Cloud Mobile |2100mm dia (overall)

includes 1 small ,1 medium & 1 large pendant

Large Cloud Mobile  | 3000mm dia (overall)

Includes 1 medium, 1 large & 1 Extra large pendant

Cloud Mobiles
Designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo - @studio_molo
Represented by Unison Workspaces within New Zealand
Photo by molo - @studio_molo

Brand: molo

Founders & Designers of molo products: Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen