Softwall paper

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A free-standing space partition, paper softwall has the flexibility to be shaped in any curved or linear formation.

When stored compressed, the folding wall shrinks to the thickness of a book. It expands to an impressive 4.5m long, or any length between.
Made from layers of paper structured with flexible honeycomb geometry, the walls are a new building material—relinquishing notions of rigid space making in favour of sustainable design to accommodate change over time and responsible material use.
This easily moveable wall can be arranged as a room divider to absorb sound and delineate visual privacy, or to create a striking backdrop for an event or performance.
As a modular system, each softwall + softblock has magnetic end panels that connect these flexible building blocks to create longer partitions and immersive, sculptural installations.
Recognised for elegant design and innovation, softwall is held in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

Portable folding wall

The honeycomb geometry and soft material allows softwall to flex and curve, creating straight walls or serpentine structures. The walls flat-pack for portability and storage, expanding up to 4.5m or any length between.

Magnetic connectors

The final layer of softwall + softblock is a magnetic panel that folds vertically on itself to provide stability, connects multiple walls and blocks to one another, or anchors the elements to ferrous surfaces.


Brown paper softwall has a natural warmth. To achieve a deep, saturated black, the walls are dyed with bamboo charcoal ink. The indigo softwalls are likewise dyed to create rhythms of radiant blues and inky, dark shadows.


The paper used for softwall is a careful blend of new and recycled fibres that bond to form a sturdy matrix. It is then coated with a non-toxic fire retardant and structured in layers to create softwall.
Paper softwall and its textile sibling are 100% recyclable; both have been welcomed into Google Portico’s catalogue of healthy building materials.

Felt handle + anchor strip

A steel strip anchors the magnetic end panel of softwall to any solid surface. Pairing with a felt handle creates a sliding door evocative of shōji.

Brand: molo

Founders & Designers of molo products: Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen  

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