Fiber Armchair - Swivel Base

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The Fiber Chair Family brings a new perspective on the iconic shell chair through its shell in an innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers for a uniquely deep surface and soft, matte touch. Though invisible to the eye from afar, the details of the wood fibers are revealed when viewing the design up-close.

The shell of the Fiber Armchair & Side Chair without upholstery consists of recycled plastic - of which a minimum of 80% is recycled – mixed with FSC™-certified wood fibers. Please note that Fiber Chair variants with recycled plastic will be available in North America by fall 2022

The Fiber Chair Family is designed in a simple and sculptural form language for a chair that is slender on the outside—taking up little space in the room—while having a spacious inner, created for maximum comfort.


     Muuto Fiber Recycled - Learn More  Muuto Fiber Recycled - Learn More


     Muuto - Fiber Armchair Chair Fact Sheet  Muuto - Fiber Armchair Chair Fact Sheet

    Brand: Muuto

    Designer: Iskos Berlin