Fiber Side Chair - Wood Base

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The Fiber Side Chair brings a new perspective to the iconic shell chair through its innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers.

Non-upholstered variants of the Fiber Side Chair are made from a combination of recycled plastic (min. 80% is recycled) and FSC™ (FSC-C028824) certified wood fibers.
The wood fibers blend into the surface for a matte finish and add a soft, inviting touch.

The Fiber Side Chair is designed with friendly, embracing curves that provide extensive comfort to its user while taking up little space in the room.

Please note that variants with recycled plastic and FSC™-certified wood will be available in New Zealand in Autumn 2022.


 Muuto Fiber Recycled - Learn More  Muuto Fiber Recycled - Learn More


 Muuto - Fiber Side Chair Fact Sheet  Muuto - Fiber Side Chair Fact Sheet

Brand: Muuto

Designer: Iskos Berlin

Fiber Side Chair

Fiber Side Chair

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