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With its distinctive split-legs design, the Split Table can be integrated into any given setting with its oak body infusing the room with warmth, illustrating the essence of Scandinavian design.

The SPLIT table derives its name from its unique feature of split and bent legs.

An excellent example of Scandinavian design tradition, SPLIT combines a seemingly solid structure with a light and delicately balanced base. Ideal both for private and professional use. 


“I wanted the table to have an organic expression and to combine a structural solidity with a seemingly more delicate balancing act.
The detail of the legs being split and bent has the expression and quality of a skilled cabinet-maker and is likely to become a hallmark of the Split Table.”


Solid oak table top. Tabletop is solid full-length oak wood glued together, legs are assembled of solid cnc-milled wood pieces.
The table is treated with a hardening oil.
The table is flat-packed and assembled with screws and brackets.


 Muuto - Split Table Fact Sheet (70kb)  Muuto - Split Table Fact Sheet (70kb)

Brand: Muuto

Designer: Staffan Holm

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