Sway Throw

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Striking a balance between a light, silky texture and substantive warmth, the Sway Throw is jacquard-woven from 100% fine merino wool.

The throw is fully reversible, easy to fold and can be used either as a blanket or a shawl.
High-quality and simply-patterned, Sway is a versatile addition to any home.

"Tina Ratzer is a Danish designer with a degree in textile design and weaving, from the Design School Kolding, in Denmark. In 1999, Tina founded her own studio Ratzer, and since then her designs have been selected for several exhibitions, such as the Crafts and Design Biennale in Rundetårn, Copenhagen. Her work is characterised by a geometric expression and a balanced color scheme, with a twist or a surprising detail that lets the techniques of the craftsmanship step forward and become an important part of the work.."


Pebble Rug is made from 60% wool and 40% jute fibers, both natural materials that are easy to clean and preserve.
The rug comes with a canvas backing pasted with synthetic latex which ensures that the rug lays smoothly on the floor.


 Muuto - Sway Throw Fact Sheet (255kb)  Muuto - Sway Throw Fact Sheet (255kb)

Brand: Muuto

Designer: Tina Ratzer

Sway Throw