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Casala has a great answer to the request for a multifunctional, accessible table; Blender!

A modular table made up of a base, column and table top.
The table is easily set up by attaching the column to the foot plate using a twisting movement.

The table top is then placed vertically on the column and the table is fixed by placing the top in a horizontal position. All of this is achieved without tools.

Blender comprises of five different base options. The table heights vary between 40, 74, 90 and 110 cm. For every situation there is a suitable height.
This allows the user to transform Blender quickly and easily into a poser table or a lounge table.

This is handy if it is necessary to change the setting from a reception to a dinner or a lounge situation in a relatively short time. The spare parts are easy and compact for transport and storage.
Furthermore, the column makes cable management easy in the middle of the table-top.

Product Downloads:

Palau - Blender Information Sheet Palau - Blender Information Sheet

Brand: Palau

Designer: Delphin Design