Bricks Walls

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Bricks Wall is a collection of modular wall systems. Just like sofa Bricks it consists of geometrical shapes in different dimensions.

Bricks Wall is a modular, noise reducing wall system that can be set up free-standing. Large, open spaces can easily be divided into various different spaces with a lot of flexibility, to suit your personal needs. The wall system is to be combined with Bricks elements and can be extended with a coat rack. Bricks Wall is also available with an integrated linking system that makes the extension or movement of the walls very simple

Bricks Wall can be combined with all seating and back elements of Bricks and can be used as a detached sound insulating room divider.
Functional supplements, such as folder racks or coat hooks, are optional.

Bricks Wall is characterised by an inventive linking system, which can be attached to the outer end of the walls.

This makes it very easy to expand or move the walls.

Brand: Palau

Designer: Robert Bronwasswerr

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 Palau - Bricks Brochure